Welcoming L’Officiel Indonesia


The magazine industry in Southeast Asia is growing and increasingly demanding. I can see new titles both international or local coming every month. Just recently published in April 2013 is the L’OFFICIEL Indonesia with a nice edgy first issue cover. L’OFFICIEL magazine is a monthly French publication which contains features on a variety of different style and lifestyle topics, such as the latest developments in the art and design world, as well as the best new fashion trends straight off the catwalk and other interesting women’s issues and lifestyle features.



I am an avid reader of VOGUEs, although editorial wise the L’OFFICIEL is not so fancy and amazing as VOGUE, I find its content and articles are much better. They always have the best content & articles, I know partly translated from L’OFFICIEL Paris, but you can actually read them easily. The edits are good and simple, some of the pages are really beautiful. As for their aesthetic per se, it’s a bit old-school and that’s what I like with L’OFFICIEL….it’s a fashion magazine with history. I also like the choice of their models too, it’s not the same faces that every other magazine uses and these rarely seen faces add to the mystique of each issues. They showing both new faces and girls that don’t get that much work outside.



L’OFFICIEL provide their affluent readers with the latest news, reviews, and showcases of high fashion, I believe this magazine serves as a voice for the independent women who always look their very best while answering to no one except themselves. This magazine lives and breathes everything fashion and serves as the fashion conscious woman’s best friend; it informs, reviews, and presents a whole array of incredible photos that show the world’s most beloved beauties looking admirably. Whether you are looking for inspiration or the latest designs from some of the world’s leading fashion designers, this magazine will have a whole assortment of features and photos to help you find your own way into the fashion-centric scene. I do have a unique and refined view into fashion, beauty, and style, then this magazine will present me with their version of the fashion bible.


Frida Gustavsson in L'Officiel Netherlands October 2009, Dress Code. 1

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